Week 5 Gets Underway - Monday Night Stats

Here we go with Week 5.  Thanks again to Bob for posting all the line-ups.  If you are wanting to up your game listing the trades and successful waiver wire claims helps me figure out where players came from or went from week to week - not complaining, just saying :-)

Notices two minor changes to the Week 4 totals.  Did not catch Clarkson's 2 PIM and .5 pts for the Wolves, now included, and had the Edge playing both of their goalies (which actually cost them points?!!).  Both issues now resolved and the totals are correct.  No impact on the Challenge Cup totals.  Please disregard the Omnivore totals, they have not been updated AT ALL - running out of time today.

Oh and happy FunBA Tip Off everyone.  Go Flatlanders!

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