Week 2 Stats as of Wednesday Night Games

Hi all.  A couple of quick notes.  Don't trust the Omnivore scores, particularly in the early going as the Baseline will only be adjusted on a weekly basis for now and may not be completely accurate.

Also, I discovered my first mistake with the stats that I've sent out.  Mr. Getta still won his Challenge Cup game and had last week's best finish but I credited him with 4 more pts than he should have had (playing his +/- defensemen not only for +/- but also for pts, 4 of them in fact).  That is now corrected and, as I said, doesn't change any of the outcomes or story lines.

Also you may notice that the home and away colours for the Challenge Cup schedule will be slightly different than that previously posted.  Didn't notice that I had games where teams are indicated as being both home and away during the same week.  That should be corrected moving forward but the keen-eyed of you will notice that this changes things from the previous e-mail.

Otherwise, congrats to the Personal Vendetta who have now moved into top spot and to the Scourge and Barbarians for having the best week thus far.  As always, trade lines are open.

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