Week 1 Stats - as of Day 2!!

With only six NHL games in the books your FunHL Stats team has been hard at work and we are off, after only two nights of hockey, with the first stats of the season.  Thanks again to Bob for posting the line-ups to the Blog.

Obviously most teams haven't played yet but if you spot any discrepencies with your stats do let me know.  In the early stages it is often a mistake with the spreadsheet itself that needs to be corrected.


Moriarty said...

thx, doug!

now with sked increasing, who will maintain, go up or crash...

brian xan only go up of course...alas


Moriarty said...
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Bladerunner said...

Yup - only one way to go for me. I think I started last year in last place too. Gotta find a way to light the fire to the guys first thing in season.