Waiver Draft One Tentative Dates ( And an idea for WD2)

As usual, the FUNHL forgot to set WD1 and WD2 dates at the entry draft...my (our collective) bad...

Nevertheless, I propose I hear back from everyone with respect to following 2 weekends:

Nov 30th or Dec 1st (end of Week 8) -potential problems for me

Dec 7th  or Dec 8th (end of Week 9 -1/3  mark) - my preference

Dec 14th or15th(end of week 10) - 

We should decide on this quickly!

pls email with preferences to me, mike getta , cameron

Secondly, imho,  WD2 should be held during the Olympic break.

bc for the dc

Cheers b!

or you can post you choice here

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Douglas McLachlan said...

Weekend of December 7th-8th works for me. Understand that Rob would prefer the Sunday and that's ok with me.