What Price McDavid?

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As a result, it seems all but assured that the Buffalos will get the best shot at McDavid or have to console themselves with Eichel and they can certainly use a franchise center whether of the generational or "regular" variety.

That said, there is a good chance that neither the Sabres, Coyotes, Oilers or Leafs will have the ping-pong-ball luck necessary to justify the Dishonour for Conner.  Even so, maybe the best thing for a franchise who is closer to the playoffs, say Colorado, who are already fairly strong up the middle to redeux the Lindros trade.

I don't think so but as a thought experiment, what would be the best offers a team that doesn't get McDavid could make to the team that does get him?


Bladerunner said...

Probably pretty expensive along likes of:

- LW Foligno Cbs - RFA
- RW Voracek Phi
- D Ekman-Larsson Ari
- D Josi Nsh
- D Vatanen Ana - RFA
- D Franson Tor - RFA
- G Halak NYI - RFA
- RW Jaskin StL - P1
- D Gormley Ari - P2
- D Morrow Bos - P2
- Bladerunners 1st round PrD 2015
- Barbarians 2nd round PrD 2015

Cameron said...

Brian's comment made me spit coffee out my nose!

In truth, only Buffalo would really have a chance at 'buying' the McDavid pick. They can offer Eichel, and buckets of young players and hordes of picks, and still have enough left over to rebuild around McDavid.

Calgary has enough youth to credibly make an offer; Gaudreau, Monahan, Bennett, and a 1st might open a conversation, but there would be nobody left to play with McDavid.

Bladerunner said...

Haha - was wondering if someone would notice ;-)

Interesting post from Doug for sure. Cam - do you really think Buffalo has enough to offer + still have excellent pieces left over? More than the Flames?

Regardless I don't think I'd want Flames to give away everything for McDavid. Too risky.

Red Five said...

Yeah, yeah... Classy guy though. Has four goals already so dishes to teammate on 2-0 break. Teammate misses so McD picks it up off back boards, and from goal line scores from between his legs! Sick.