Week 21 Stats - Challenge Cup Playoff Semi-Finalists

Hi guys, was home with a sick kid earlier this week so was delayed in getting these out.

Congratulations on the Great Whites on winning the Challenge Cup Regular Season.  They take on the Personal Vendetta as the Challenge Cup Playoffs get underway.  Congrats also to the Edge who get a shot at some hardware for the first time in a long time as they host the Predator Cup leading Severed Heads in their first round series.  Both series are best of three affairs.


Moriarty said...

hey doug:

I hope your kids are feeling better.

well done with the stats!

take care!


Red Five said...

I'm at work so don't have my numbers, but these are Brian's figures:
CAM: 30.43 731.18

DAN: 40.24 691.49

COREY: 30.43 691.43

DARRELL: 37.8 688.24

Bladerunner said...

Congrats on the 4 finalists for the Challenge Cup Playoffs - may the best man not named Brian win!

Wow, what a close finish this year for the playoffs!

Doug, I can send you spreadsheet with my stats for the leaderboard. Most of the time we have exact same stats - and when we don't, it's usually a miscalculation on my part.

And yes - concur with Bob that I hope kids feeling better and great job as always with stats.