Week 21 Stats (Actually Week 22, but you knew that) and Game 1 of the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals


Moriarty said...

Dear Doug:

Good Job!!

Now the Omnivore...lol! ;-o

nevertheless, no more trades - which should your life easier after roster adjustments this week.

Take care and Be Well my Friend,


Cameron said...

I believe these are the stats for Week 22....

Otherwise, fantastic job.

Oh, and you need to move the decimal point one place to the right on the Heads total for the week. Other than that, perfect!

Moriarty said...


they are week 22 stats

but, good job regardless

Douglas McLachlan said...

LOL, yes week 22 stats. Sooo tired :-)

No guarantees but trying to get interim stats out before the end of the day on Week 23.

Bladerunner said...

No worries Doug.
Also just having to live in the city of Edmonton with a team like the Oilers must take all energy out of you. :-)