Week 24: Saturday Night Stats

Hi all,

Been away from the office this week and child care (read parenting) seems a much greater challenge to doing stats than, you know, my job.  Odd that.

Anyhow, the Barbarians have rebounded into a much larger lead in the Predator Cup and are destroying the Ramapithicines in Game One of the Challenge Cup Final.  Plus/Minus is only part of the issue here, the Barbarians are, like, really good and the Ramapithicines are experiencing a Leaf-like collapse.

The Severed Heads are shown as still leading the Omnivore but, to be fair, I have NOT looked at the baseline yet so while I have no doubt Cam is still in front - I am not sure it's as large (or small) as shown.  Will try and confirm when I get a chance later this week.

BTW, a few minor adjustments to last week's totals for the Great Whites and the Scourge based on some minor errors in entering last week's line-up.

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