Week 22 is under way (now with really, really, up to date Week 21 totals)

Week 22 is now underway and I have finally caught up with line-ups and trades.  Thanks for your patience and a big shoutout to Bob for posting all the line-ups.  Makes it much easier for me to have all the line-ups in one place (if we could find a way to monitor all the transactions in one spot...)

The Barbarians are extending their lead atop the Predator Cup Standings and are dominating their second game against the Knights Templar in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals.  The Barbarians look increasingly poised to bring home the franchise's first "good" trophy in its existance and may well be taking home two.  That will depend on the trio of 700+pt teams chasing them in the Predator Cup race and whether there is a worthy opponent to be found in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finalists.  The Bladerunners hold a slim lead going into the weekend in their second game seeking to sweep their Semi-Final.

The Severed Heads are continuing to dominate in the Omnivore standings and look poised to take home the Plaque (cum Trophy).

The Wolves and Highlanders both suffered a hit to their supposedly official totals when I noticed that the Wolves were dressing 5 goaltenders last week and the Highlanders 7 left wingers (neglected to lock off the benches, trades and waived players at those positions for last week).  The result is that while the Highlanders look poised to be overtaken by the Edge for 10th spot, the Wolves maintain their "lead" in the race for the 1st overall prospect pick :-)

As always, please let me know if you spot any irregularities with your stats (positive or negative).  Much appreciated.


Mike said...

Thanks Doug, Only issue I saw was that I have won a "good" trophy before. I won the challenge cup a couple years ago.

The Edge said...

You might want to double check your own totals, last weeks total plus this weeks stats add up to more than you are showing for yourself in the total department.

Douglas McLachlan said...

Mike, my bad. The Barbarians have indeed won the Challenge Cup before - my bad. I should go and take a look at it before I have to surrender it.

Collin, that total from last week was in error. As I said, I was playing all the LWers who were ever associated with my team (long since traded, waived, unpromoted, benched). I'm only allowed to dress 3. My total dropped as a result but is now correct.