Week 23 Stats: Shadowmen gain on Barbarians; Ramapiticines move on to face Barbarians in Challenge Cup Final


Bladerunner said...

Congrats Corey on your win and moving on to the Challenge Cup Finals! I was monitoring our game and we were about tied on Sunday afternoon, with your overtime goal coming on Sunday evening. Chara and Lindholm were killers!


Moriarty said...

dramatic victory by corey!

may your cavemen have similar luck to beat the on charging hordes

Scourge said...

Does Bob have a dramatic come from behind victory in him?

Mike said...

Brian I don't know what you're talking about. Lindholm and this week Lovejoy are quickly becoming two of my favorite players.

And no Bob does not have a dramatic come from behind victory in him. We took a break last week waiting for the challenge cup finals but a different story this week.