And the Kings, are the Kings! AGAIN!

Three times in 3 years they got to the Wstern Conference Finals
Now TWICE in 3 years They are the Stanley Cup Champions!

The Gaborik trade at the deadline was huge - as he tied the gm 5 in the third...had 14 g, one shy of Gretz

Justin Williams, "Mr June", got the first goal and the Conn Smythe Trophy

Every Gm in LA went to OT including Gm 2 and 5 going to double OT

Which shows that the series was a tad closer than 4-1 LA series victory or not

The NYR could never hold a lead except when Lundqvist stole Gm 4....he looked so sad after as he did all he could.

Talk about a team that went thru a murderer's row of gm 7's on the road, down 0-3 to SJ; 2-3 to ANA and tied 3-3 in CHI.  Faced Mutliple OTs before the Finals and 3 during the Finals.  They played 26 games to win the Cup not including the Overtimes!

They scored more goals/gm than any other playoff team - well over 3/gm - undefeated if they scored more than 3 in a game , i believe.


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