The Crown Royal Bag of Fate with some surprises at the Draft Lottery...

With the Entry Draft approaching and the first fantasy hockey pool guides now out...What did the Slot Selection bring us:

1 - Bladerunners
2 - Ramapithicines
3 - Shadowmen
4 - Scourge
5 - Personal Vendetta
6 - Edge
7 - Knights Templar
8 - Wolves
9 - Highlanders
10- Barbarians *Defending their first Cup Victory
11- Great Whites
12- Severed Heads

Rumours that 4 teams are changing FPs...

Should be an interesting draft as ALWAYS!


Moriarty said...

See you ALL, I hope in October...

BTW Special thx to Collin and Chris among the gang with Brian and Mike B. and even Darrell for getting this done + all those trades...

Bladerunner said...

Will be interesting to see who the new FPs end up being!