FunHL 2013-2014 Final Stats - Congratulations to the Barbarians (Predator Cup and Challenge Cup) and to the Personal Vendetta (Omnivore Plaque)



Bladerunner said...

Congratulations Mike on your Predator and Challenge Cup victories!! Be proud of your season - a tough accomplishment.

Congrats as well to Darrell on the Omnivore win! Nice catch up.

And to the Wolves... well, congrats on a nice season from Rask + all the best with Mr. Drouin!

Mr. Stamkos and the Bladerunners wish everyone to break a leg next year .. we'll be back ;-)

V for Vendetta said...

Good job Mike!!

An impressive victory indeed. As Doug pointed out with the Omnivore stats, you out drafted all of us at the ED by a large margin and didn't shoot yourself in the foot along the way.

Again, congratulations.

For myself, I hope this year was an anomaly. According to the baseline, only the Wolves drafted worse than I did.

Moriarty said...

Congrats to ALL the Winners!

I guess placing 2nd for the Predator and 3rd for the Omnivore is not too bad a funhl season

No, the Shadow is getting more upset

Red Five said...

Well done Mike - Considering your baseline was 950 pts, and no one else even cracked 900, you set this win in place on day one! Congrats!