Playoffs - RND 1 Predictions

First Round Matchups
1) NYR vs. 8) OTT 1) VAN vs. 8) LA
2) BOS vs. 7) WSH 2) STL vs. 7) SJ
3) FLA vs. 6) NJ 3) PHX vs. 6) CHI
4) PIT vs. 5) PHI 4) NSH vs. 5) DET

In the East

OTT upsets NYR in 6gms
WSH upsets BST in 6gms
NJ sweeps FLA
PIT beat PHI IN 5gms

In the West
VAN gets LA in 7gms
SJ gets by STL in 7gms
PHX beats CHI in 6gms
NSH beats DET in 5gms

Predictions from bob


Moriarty said...

And here we go into the Real NHL Season - 2 months of Hell for Lord Stanley's Mug

Douglas McLachlan said...

Highlanders fearless predictions:

NYR over OTT in 6
WAS over BOS in 7
NJ over FLA in 5
PIT over PHI in 6

VAN over LA in 5
SJ over STL in 7
PHX over CHI in 6
NSH over DET in 6

BTW, what is the plan for the FunHL playoff pool.

Scourge said...

NYR over OTT in 5
Bos over Wash in 5
NJ over FLA in 4
Pit over Phi in 7

LA over Van in 6
SJ over Stl in 6
Chi over Phx in 7
Det over Nash in 6