Congrats Dan!

Why does it happpen? Because it happens - Roll the Bones...

"Jack - Relax
Gotta kick some Gluteus Max
It's Parallax,
The small gets big - It's a Rig
It's Action - Reaction
And some random interaction
Who's to say there's a little abstraction
It doesn't matter bow -
Because He's Number One!"

"Don't go folding
Lady Luck is Golden
She favours the Bold
And that's Cold
The night plays a thousand Saxophones
So get out there (and Rock)
And Roll the Bones!"

A little abbreviated chorus to Dan and the Great Whites from Rush's "Roll the Bones" and What a draft, Some Fortune in the ED, WD1 and WD2 and some auspicious trades to seal the deal...Yup, this may be Bob's unofficial congratulations but you grabbed 1st and wouldn't let go...Well done on Predator Cup 4 especially with Green FP -MIA and Price -FP STRUGGLES THE LAST 1/3 of the season with the problems in Montreal...

Alas...Always next year!


Moriarty said...

Well done, Sir

Douglas McLachlan said...

Indeed, when you have not one but TWO FPs not dressing for large chunks of the season and you will win by 15pts, you did very, very well.

Congrats Dan! Now if I can follow up your 4th Cup the same way I followed up your 1st Cup (with a back-to-back run of my own) that would work out just fine for the Tartan Army...

Moriarty said...

No Doug - That WILL NOT Happen!