2012 Playoff Pool - Entry fee= $10

Hi guys, just like last year please send me a list of your player pics

20 Forwards
8 Defencemen
2 Goalies

Goalies get 1 point for win, 2 points for OT win, and 0 for loss (OT or regulation). Additionally they get 2 points for a shutout (eg. 1 point for win, 1 point for shutout). In case of OT Shutout max points equals 3.

Goals and assists are 1 point each.

You cannot pick more than five players (F,D,G) for any one team. You must pick one rookie on your team, you can pick more if you wish but please designate the rookie to fill that position as he will get double points...added twist to pool.

Please submit your teams by Saturday at noon MST at the very latest.

Entry fee this year will be $10.00 because of the recession and further if you want to enter more than one team it allows you to spend double!

Please submit your teams as soon as possible, I will try and get stats out to you on a weekly basis and I will be posting everyone's teams as soon as I can (most likely this Sunday).

So guys pick your teams wisely and I look forward to your submissions.


Moriarty said...

Please send your teams to

post them here!

Bladerunner said...

I just have a couple of questions:

1) do you have any idea how the Flames are going to do?

2)do Dan, Mike B and Chris get a handi-cap for the playoffs?


Moriarty said...

Flames lost the Cup in 7 to Tampa in 2004

No hand-caps as the playoffs are a new season...i.e. Do the President Trophy Champs get an adv^ ? No they lose gm 1, have no D.Sedin and trash tweeted...

Red Five said...

Will email you a team tonight bob

Scourge said...

is everyones pool busted?

Red Five said...

Hey Bob,
How's it coming collecting the rosters and initial stats?

Moriarty said...

Sorry been sick this week...will work on it tonight and sorry...

Red Five said...

So - any standings/stats? How many people's pools have been decimated?