Final Stats 2014-2015 FunHL Season - Ramapithicines Triumphant! Win Both Predator Cup and Omnivore Plaque; Edge Win Challenge Cup


Moriarty said...

Good Job Doug on the Stats!

Congrats to Corey on his third Predator Cup and the Omnivore!

And congrats to Collin on his Challenge Cup...

That's All for this year!

Red Five said...

Congrats Corey!
Can't recall the last time the Predator Cup winner overtook the leader (for many weeks prior) on the last day of the regular season to win!
Well done sir, well done!

Red Five said...

Oh and for posterity, the cover page of the blog has been updated in Corey's honour ;-)

Darwin's surprise said...

Thanks Guys,
It's been a wild and surprising chase! Ramapithicine fans look forward to a year of appreciating the cave art.

Bladerunner said...

Congratulations Corey!! That was an amazing fight to the very end.

Douglas McLachlan said...

Congrats Corey, well deserved as your Omnivore margin will testify to.

Feel sorry for Cam, to have the lead going into the final day and lose it - well it sucks.

Very pleased we got rid of the Herbivore, one piece of hardware I have no desire to have my name engraved on. Like the Oilers, on to next year.

BTW, nice picture find there Dan. Tough to find one with both players and to have their faces showing - well done.

V for Vendetta said...

Well done Corey! Way to pull it out in the final moments.

Also congratulations to Collin on the Challenge Cup.

wildwolf said...

Congrats Corey, Nice come from behind victory.

The last time it happened was when Cam caught me about a decade ago. Chris Neil went nuclear in the final couple of weeks including about 6+ points on the final two games to get the victory.