EDGE Win Challenge Cup!! (Corrected Week 26 Stats)


Douglas McLachlan said...

Sorry Dan (and Sorry Collin) if either of you saw the earlier, incorrect, post. Brian pointed out that I had Dan dressing Foligno instead of Byfuglien on LW. Now corrected and Foligno's 5pts would have sent this to a third game.

As it is, congratulations Collin on your first Challenge Cup! The Edge were worthy champions this year.

Red Five said...

Congrats Collin! Well fought and long-deserved!

Bladerunner said...

Congratulations Collin!! Nice job. How you did that after selling a few guys at trade deadline is a head spinner lol. Your team certainly played for you at the exact right time!

Dan... you did fight the good fight in both cup races. Your play for the Predator was inspiring and fun to watch! Sorry about the couple of tough weeks you had in exchange with the stellar weeks towards the end.

Cam and Corey - geez guys, what a nail biter!! I'm not going to made a prediction ... Cam certainly has the advantage re. lead but Corey's team has been better lately. Is 1 week enough time??

Moriarty said...

congrats Collin!

Scourge said...

Congrats Collin.

wildwolf said...

Congrats Collin. Interesting that you and I are having great weeks now that the season is coming to an end.

I have had the highest score of the week, 3 of the last 4 weeks. Where was my team much earlier in the season

The Edge said...

Now that I have had some time to process this.........YEAH BABY!!
It has been a long time coming for me to win something other than the Herbie, and it feels good. Better than good, it feels awesome. Thanks to everyone for their congratulatory words, and thank you to my wonderful wife who phoned me during the day to let me know the news (I could hear my daughter in the background chanting 'Daddy won, daddy won!').
I honestly did not think this was possible. Between my then league leading FP Kane going down for the season, my trade with Cameron in the final minutes prior to the trade deadline, my early season suckiness in net, and even more injuries to Simmonds and Enstrom, my self doubt can be understandable.
Yet here I sit with the knowledge that a trophy, 25 years in the waiting, will be proudly displayed in my living room. AWESOME.
Thank you to everyone in the pool for being such great advisories, and for knowing how to let your teams play down to their competition only when facing the Edge, especially Cam and Dan whom I had to beat out to win this thing. And thank you to our esteemed statistician and schedule maker for knowing exactly when each team was going to underperform and then placing them head to head with me.