Week 25: Friday Night Stats

Hi all, back from our Spring Break trip to Jasper.  Sorry for the delay in stats.  We have some news too!

The Barbarians have lost 5pts of their lead to the Shadowmen but continue to have a 30pt cushion with time running out.

The Barbarians have a 5pt lead going into Saturday and Sunday's games as they look to sweep their Challenge Cup final against the Ramapithicines (that said, I have counted out the Ramapithicines before :-).

The real news is the phenomenon that is the injury-ravaged Personal Vendetta.  They are having a monstrous week - and doing it all from non-baseline players.  As a result, they have rocketed up the Omnivore Table to be within a hairs breath of the, once unassailable, Severed Heads.  Wow, we now have a real race in all three contests and the Omnivore may be the closest of all.

Here are the stats.  As always, if you see something out of place - let me know.

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