Week 13 Stats - As of Sunday Nights Games


Douglas McLachlan said...

Note that I did not find any submitted line-ups for Darrell, Mike Getta or Dan so went with the Week 12 line-ups.

Hope to get up to date stats out later tomorrow (we are currently in Week 14).

Moriarty said...


Posted all the Week 14 Line-ups to the Blog...I hope that helps!


Moriarty said...

Dear Doug:

Please review Week 13 with respect to Darrell and Mike Getta. They both submitted line-ups which you omitted though Darrell wrote his was the same as Week 12, certainly new for Week 14 as above.

Mike Getta's Week 13 Line-up appears to have some changes. Please attend to them as they posted with your week 13 line-ups.

Both Darrell and Mike Getta's are there.

No joy for Dan though for either Week 13 or 14 re: new line-up submissions.

Thanks for your hard work Doug!

I hope this helps!



Moriarty said...

Congrats to Sherlock and the Bladerunners for keeping their promise on guaranteed win week 13 vs Moriarty's Shadowmen, looking evermore pale...

Douglas McLachlan said...

Thanks again Bob.

Darrell and Mike G's line-ups are the same as week 12 (and by default so is Dan's) so all these standings are "official".

Now on to Week 14.