WD2 Date and Other important dates for the FUNHL

Dear ALL:

I will be in Calgary the Weekend of Feb 15 and 16 (Sat and Sun).  Unsure of whether we do the draft entirely on Skype ( I know that's where Rob will be) or whether a bunch of us could congregate someplace on Sunday (better for Collin, worse for Mike B.), or Sat afternoon. I am hopeful we can do WD2 while I am in Calgary.  I know asking this is hard on Dan who will be away and will need a draftor as he has already mentioned. 

This weekend is optimal.  We are in Week 18.  Week 19 ends on Sat Feb 8th and the NHL Olympic break goes from the 9th-23rd.  Week 19 Stats will determine the WD2 draft order.  The NHL trade deadline is March 5th making the FUNHL deadline 6pm MST Monday, March 10th.  The NHL season ends April 13th...so a quick run to the end, indeed.  June 27-28th is the NHL draft and our ED2014 Slot Selection.

I hope we can get this together!

Thoughts, Comments?

bc for the dc

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