Whilst viewing some NHL this evening I was treated to a really, really surprising goal. The Jets were visiting the Capitals in what I figured should be a pretty entertaining tilt. Well, that it was. In the present era of instant replay and multiple camera angles, I was horrified by the sight that had befallen me and all the television viewers. Hendricks of the Capitals had made his way to the side of the Jets net, anticipating some net front action. Ok. When the puck does come his way, he clearly, and deliberately turns and moves his skate blade in the direction of the net, directing the puck into the net. Now, the last time I reviewed the rules, that was considered kicking the puck into the net, which is, or was illegal until this season. Needless to say, the play went to the control room for review. The outcome, to me disbelief and horror, stood as a goal. WTF?! Did something change in the off season, or the work stoppage? I wish I had a link to it, but I am positive it will be all over the highlights tonight and tomorrow. Thoughts? Comments? My head hurts. Check it out here. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/game/1289070/video/#id=2328101150


Cameron said...

The confusion comes because it is in fact legal to 'direct' the puck with your skates into the net, so long as their is no 'kicking motion'.

The 'kicking motion' is illegal because it is considered to be a significant risk to other players safety (for obvious reasons), while 'directing' or angling your skates so that the puck goes in is considered OK.

Mike said...

Yeah that's how the rule reads. That being said I agree it's horrible that this is a good goal. I would wish that the rule stated that a goal will not stand if a player deliberately moves any part of his body to direct the puck into the net without using his stick. Or something along those lines.

Moriarty said...

While the rules call it a good goal, what is MUCH more satisfying is that the Jets WON the game : 4-2!