Key NHL and FUNHL Dates for 2013 Season

Key dates for the 2013 schedule: 
Opening Day: Saturday, Jan. 19 
Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada: Saturday, Feb. 9 
Hockey Day in America: Sunday, Feb. 17 
Trade deadline: Wednesday, Apr. 3 
Regular season concludes: Saturday, Apr. 27 
NHL Draft Drawing: Monday, Apr. 29 
Stanley Cup Playoffs begin: Tuesday, Apr. 30 
Latest possible date for Stanley Cup Final: Friday, June 28 

And Here We Go...

The Great Whites to defend the Predator Cup...

An Eleven   Week Challenge Cup Regular Season; A One game Semi-Final and a Best of Three Callenge Final

And of course the Omnivore,

Week one LineUps due Friday, January 18th by  6pm MST.

After that From Week 2 on, LineUps due Monday at 6pm MST.

FUNHL Trade Deadline is Monday, April 8th by LineUps at 6pm given the NHL Trade deadline is Wed., April 3rd.

Now There will be ONLY ONE WAIVER DRAFT this year at the half-way mark.  After the WD there shall be NO penalty for prospect use via the IR.  Pre-WD there will the usual penalty if IR is used.

The Waiver Draft Date needs to Determined ASAP.  I believe either the weekend of March 23/24th or
March 30/31th would suffice but the DC and the league needs to be involved for this being made official.


Otherwise, DROP THE PUCK!

BC for the DC


Douglas McLachlan said...

With respect to the Waiver Draft, I would propose that we go with the half-way mark: Saturday March 9th.

Moriarty said...

As you the SKED better than, the weekend of Mar 9/10 or Mar 16/17 sounds good by me depending on majority funhl attendence...

Bladerunner said...

Sat, March 9 is good for me. Agree with 1/2 way point at the latest for the waiver draft.