NEXUS News and Notes

Hello brethren GMs

First off – the Bladerunners congratulate Teemu Selanne on his acceptance to the Hockey Hall of Fame – very deserving!     He was the very first Bladerunners FP when FP’s were first drafted … and played a significant role in us winning our first Predator Cup.     Oh nostalgia (we will not discuss our 2nd FP pick – this is not the time or place ;-)

Second off – the Bladerunners will be making McDavid an FP this fall – and as such we need to say a fond farewell to one or potentially both of Mr. Subban and/or Mr. Backstrom.      Any offer above Perry + a 4th will be considered.     Ok – let me clarify that - any offer ‘significantly above ….’   

Third off – it’s going to be freaking strange having McDavid as an FP – love him --- not so much the Oilers.      Go McDavid and Go Flames!!

Fourth off – I think it has been years since a Nexus post – really need to do more of them and I think supposed to be posted to the Blog –  will do that now.     I believe constant themes involved analyzing drafts,  picking on the Wolves (aka the Alpacas), yawning when facing the Shadowmen in guaranteed H to H win nights etc.  


The Bladerunners


Bladerunner said...

Sorry Nexus - you can't get away with that ... it was Osgood - lol, you morons.

Moriarty said...

I made you an offer...

Worst FP? Niinimaa?(?sp) - at least got pts
Drouin (year 1) - 0 pts - in minors
Carey G?

Bladerunner said...

Yes Shadowmen - thank you for your offer! It beats offers from Great Whites and Highlanders thus far.

Yes - Niinimaa - The Collective - was amongst the worst FP picks ever haha. At least Drouin and Carey had promise. The KT made a horrific pick one year too - I think Shanahan later on in his career or some such? Osgood turned out to be elite in the NHL but not the FUNHL