Star Wars

How have I never heard of this before..   I tried and failed to add the picture


George Lucas' finest work.


Red Five said...

Pic added

Templar said...

Take my word, you do not actually want to see it.

Bladerunner said...

I think I'm going to trust Mike. Never heard of this either - looks horrific.

Scourge said...

Listed as the worst show of all time. Was aired once preempting The incredible Hulk and wonder women. Only exists because some people taped it on the original airing. I am very curious now at how bad it is. Also I think it was release in 1978 and who had a vcr then.

Cameron said...

It is terrible at a level barely comprehensible.

The equivalent of all the worst parts of wpisodes 1->3 concentrated into an hour of pure distilled hot garbage.

It lowers your IQ just by existing.