Playoff Pool Final Results

And it is a tie!!!

RankTeam NameTTLPLN
1Dan's Lesserlights1450
1Doug's Lowlanders1450
3Rob's Wolfpups1270
4Bob's Shadyguys1260
5Brian's Bladewalkers700


Bladerunner said...

Congrats Dan and Doug! My playoff team ceased to exist pretty early this year :-)

Douglas McLachlan said...

Hey Dan, nice job sir. But for a broken wrist, this was yours.

Moriarty said...

i guess that's a $30 prize each for dan and doug. congrats!

$0 for rob, me and brian

oh well, next year

Bladerunner said...

Rob -- Dan and Doug all paid up. You can cover my entry fee and all good.