Week 19 Final Stats - WD2 Draft Order and Challenge Cup Playoff Teams Set

The Predator Cup standings are now set going into this weekend's WD with the Wolves holding the first selection and the Barbarians picking 12th. The Challenge Cup season will have one final week following the Olympic break but the Playoff participants are already set with the Bladerunners already assured the top seed. Where the Barbarians, Knights Templar or Ramapithicines finish, however, will only be clear after the season's final contest. The Omnivore "race" continues to be the Severed Heads to lose. Interesting to speculate how much larger the Barbarians lead would have been with some better coaching/GM decisions. Looking forward to this weekend's draft but would still like to know what day and time :-)


Mike said...

Yeah Sharp's 53 points in 49 games since I traded him compared to Franzen (who I picked up through the trades that day) who has only played in 19 games since that point hurt quite a bit. Of course he has 19 points in those 19 games so it would have been fairly equal on a ppg basis without the injury.

Oh well still in first but the might have been's are quite apparent.

Bladerunner said...

Ignore the "might have been's" and just enjoy any teasing (it's because we're jealous)... focus on the NOW + keeping the Barbarians in first :-)

In related news, snowballs are freezing in hell and pigs have been seen flying ... ;-)

Bladerunner said...

I was really hoping to play the Shadowmen in the first round. Thanks a lot Bob for not trying a bit harder to make the playoffs. Geez.