FUNBA update

Here's a look at our current FUNBA standings;

1. Goodfellas, 8-0

2. Flatlanders, 6-2

3-5. Chumfeeders, Pirates, and Ball-Bearings, 4-4

6. Murderball, 3-5

7. Sharpshooters, 2-6

8. Skywalkers, 1-7

So, once again, Darrell is blitzing the league with a perfect record, and once again, the Skywalkers are garbage, largely the result of another season ending injury to FP Derrick Rose. Sigh.

Here's a breakdown (in reverse order) of what is going on;


Most nights LeBron is the best player in the world, and on those nights he isn't the title belongs to Kevin Love. Unfortunately, you have to look pretty hard to find anyone else providing decent/consistent production for the team outside of them. Tony Parker has been good, but Iguodala has been hurt, and Andre Drummond oscillates between fearsome and invisible depending on the game. Really, really missing an elite 3rd option. Also, there are some scheduling effects that have worked against the team, as it seems that the Skywalkers have been on the short end of 'man games' in just about every match (teams have scored over 8000pts against the Skywalkers, whereas the Ball-Bearings have only had 7000 scored on them - eventually this discrepancy will resolve itself - right?).

The Sharpshooters:

In contrast to the Skywalkers, the Sharpshooters do have three guys going full bore; Harden, Josh Smith, and...Dirk Nowitzki! Rudy Gay and Dwyane Wade have been nice depth players, making for a decent top 5. After that....crickets. The key is really Wade. If he can re-elevate back to elite numbers the Sharpshooters would win more games.


Three excellent FPs: Carmelo Anthony, Monta Ellis and Blake Griffin. Sadly, the bet on Kobe Bryant being an actual player with knees that aren't shredded like confetti didn't last.  The issues lie with the rest of his roster, which goes from 'ok' (Lance Stephenson), to replacement level waiver wire guys (Crawford). As it stands, the team is underperforming, and has a real risk of plummeting in the standings if Melo's Knicks continue the white-hot meltdown they are in (which I predicted for last year, but got this year).


Dwight Howard, MONSTROUS BEAST. Isaiah Thomas, Jrue Holiday and Tim Duncan - above average to very good, with Mike Conley holding his own. Sadly, Derron Williams is struggling yet again to find his game. Two years in a row the PG has failed to live up to his talents.


Unlike the other teams reviewed so far, the Pirates don't have a group of 2-3 mega-stars carrying the mail. Instead, the team is above average almost across the board. Paul George is the best of the crew, but he is closely followed by Gordon Hayward (?!?),  David Lee, Ty Lawson, Nic Batum, Klay Thompson, Greg Monroe and Serge Ibaka. If there is any team that can afford to do a 2 or 3 for 1 deal, it's the Pirates.


The opposite of the Pirates, the Chumfeeders are built around 4 awesome talents, and a bunch of dreck. At the top, arguably the greatest 3 point shooter of all time (and he is just getting started), Steph Curry, with fellow PGs speed-demon Russell Westbrook, Brandon Jennings and Kyrie Irving right behind him. Dan may be playing 'small-ball' vs the rest of the league, but so far it's working (more or less). On the downside, Paul Pierce has been absolutely AWFUL so far, and should be benched forever more.


Chris F*cking Paul. Destroyer of Worlds. But that isn't all, the Flatlanders also have good depth in Cousins, Lillard and Teague, and guys like Milsap, Pau Gasol,  Lowry and Parsons are all contributing. Paul should be getting MVP consideration, but the rest of the roster is very, very good. (except for Aaron Aflalo, he's junk).


Has the best top end in the league; Durant, Aldridge, and Wall are ripping it up, and all have over 1000fantasy points so far. Secondary scoring in the form of Al Horford, Kemba Walker, and even the misunderstood Evan Turner has helped keep them at the top. Unlike the Flatlanders or Pirates, the depth drops off after the top 5 pretty hard, but that top 5 is soooooo good, they may not need it.


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Douglas McLachlan said...

Congrats to the Chumfeeders for getting the first win over the Goodfellas.