Week Seven Stats (at last)

Sorry for the tardiness this week, child-induced sleep deprevation and "work" obligations seem to have taken their toll but we should be all good now.

Bob, already ahead of you on the Beaucheman +/- call by Rob.  I also noticed that I had been playing Chris had played more than two TGs last week (now corrected - no change to Challenge Cup results).

Still, if anyone notices something looks amiss with their stats - please let me know.  Till then, how 'bout that FunBA pool :-)


Bladerunner said...

Thanks Doug! Hope you can catch up on some sleep soon. I'd like to make a special request - can I dress all 16 of my players as TG and then you just take an average and multiply by two? It will still come out to close to 0 so shouldn't affect stats much but will keep me from going crazy.

Bladerunner said...
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Douglas McLachlan said...

Brian, love that idea - would certainly help me too. We should propose it :-)