Challenge Cup Schedule 2013-14

Hi all, the Bladerunners will begin their defense of the Challenge Cup starting Week One, with begins Tuesday October 1st, against the Scourge.
Every team will play a home and home series against 9 of their opponents with the two remaining opponents playing a single neutral site game - one over the Christmas Break during Week 13, beginning Monday December 23rd, and once during the last game of the regular season, Week 20 beginning Wednesday February 26.
Week 20 is the return to FunHL hockey following the Olympic Break that goes from Sunday February 9th to Tuesday February 25th.
As per usual, the top four teams will make the playoffs with two best of three semi-finals followed by a best of three Challenge Cup Final.


Bladerunner said...

Week 13 - yawn... ;-)

(killing myself laughing here... Bob will hit me when he sees me)

Bladerunner said...

Doug - I really like that you have split up the 2 games vs each person's opponents instead of back to back in consecutive weeks. Not sure it matters. I just like it.

Moriarty said...

yup...thankfully doug spared me with only one guaranteed bladerunner win week in week 13...ho hum, can't be too irate

doug - i echo brian's compliments on a much nicer looking sked!