Trophy upgrades

Hi all, Great to see you all at the Draft Lottery (well, almost all anyway) - Nice to see so many GMs out, and nice to enjoy the lovely surroundings and scenery of the Shark Club. Thanks to those who have contributed to the costs of upgrading the trophies already (Doug, Brian, Collin, Darrell, Bob, Mike B). I do need to collect from the remaining GMs (Mike G, Rob, Corey, Chris, Cam) in the amount of $30. Please contact me to make arrangements as I would like to wrap this up before the season starts. I am not the league treasurer, so I'm not keen on being the cash guy for long. I believe Doug also needs to follow-up with Brian for the Jersey owed him from last year! Dan

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Bladerunner said...

Just to clarify - I didn't collect money last year. I "think" Collin did, but could be wrong.