Week 8 - Final Stats

With the second half of the season still ahead, the Highlanders have a 20+pt lead on the Bladerunners, Vendetta and Wolves who are all hot on their tails.  The Great Whites have now slipped back into last but the WD reinforcements look to recharge everyone so a lot can still happen.

In the Challenge Cup race, the Personal Vendetta and Highlanders are trying for a bit of breathing space but there is a quintet of teams vying for the final two playoff spots with a lot of hockey left to be played.

Trade lines remain open and with new dreck to swap, the options are endless.

Will try and get the new rosters inputted ASAP but work has an annoying way of interfereing.


Bladerunner said...

Hey Mike Getta - you're not supposed to pass Rob, wasn't that a condition of our recent trade?? :-)

Formal request for drug testing on the Highlanders and Knights Templar. Aye karumba.

Formal request to provide some new drugs to the Bladerunners.

Moriarty said...

Pardon my Line-up...

You are 60 points up on me...