NHL Lockout continues ad nauseum and ad infinitum

Oct 23

League of Shadows Memo

NHL and the NHLPA can't split ~3.3 Billion dollars in revenue 50/50

A framework most likely exists.

Greed on both sides exists.

Bettman is now ?proudly? running his 3rd lockout since he took over.  He doesn't care - he gets paid regardless...as does Fehr in the midst of his NHL lockout.

Owners and players are both losers in this debacle - though hard to say that the pure hockey fans or the new hockey fans are not the biggest losers.

I want stay positive and predict November 15th resolution and games start Dec. 1 and the Winter Classic is saved in a truncated 60 game season.

But no.

Coke Bets will be taken by us that fog from crystal ball is lifting and NO SEASON.

Thoughts and take the bet or agree and don't.



Douglas McLachlan said...

I'm trying to keep my optimism so I will bet that we have hockey this season but no longer believe we will get in a full 82 game season.


Bladerunner said...

The good thing that would occur from a cancelled season would be a bunch of spoiled players and greedy owners losing money.

That said - I think there will be a season as well.