The Bible is OUT!

Well, now time to check lists...

Eric Staal FP Shadowmen now LW!


Rick Nash FP now LW
Zetterberg=C FP

Giroux = C


St.Louis is now LW FP

more later

we got set a location for ED2012 IN cALGARY soon

for sat. oct 6th 11am mst...



Moriarty said...

poor brian...newbible...new master needed...sorry

Douglas McLachlan said...

Very cool. Of course we won't have to worry until December for NHL games.

Bladerunner said...

your wish is my demand - new master sent out ;-) Congrats on E. Staal now being a LW! I assume that solidifies your decision to keep him.

We probably should add a rule to covenant about late seasons / cancelled seasons.

As to a location for Entry Draft - I "think" Chris was mentioning we could possibly use a meeting room at his work. If that isn't a go, I'm sure we'll figure something else out.

Scourge said...

In the past it wouldnt have been an issue to hold the draft in a boardroom at my office. However, due to a recent event this isn't an option now :(