Fun night out on Wednesday - congrats again to Dan on winning the Predator Cup!    Collin has sworn that it will be his this year, and was throwing out major trade offers ... oh oh.

As per the email that Dan sent out to everyone - here is the 2012 Entry Draft order:

1. Great Whites
2. Ramapithicines
3. Personal Vendetta
4. Bladerunners
5. Barbarians
6. Shadowmen
7. Edge
8. Highlanders
9. Severed Heads
10. Knights Templar
11. Scourge
12. Wolves

1 comment:

Moriarty said...

how many new fps?

will dan drop green? he has pick 1

will corey drop heatley? he has been slotted with the 2nd pick

will cam drop lucic? he has
Karlsson as rfa and is slotted at 9

i don't have a 2nd fp as lidstrom retired! so i'll definitely be picking a new one at pick 6.