Week 23 Stats Complete - Great Whites Continue To Lead Predator; Barbarians Sweep Great Whites In One Semi, Other Goes Distance

Hi All,

Here are Week 23 Stats.  I had a near panic over the last 20 minutes as I found another 4 inexplicable pts for the Great Whites (recall the 2pts from last week).  When I finally figured out the problem I was terrified that I had mistakenly given them some 30 unearned pts over the preceeding 20 weeks and that Dan (and everyone) was going to freak on me.  Fortunately, no.  The difference was about 3 extra pts (2 of which we noticed last week).  All is corrected now and there would have been no impact on any Challenge Cup games.

Congrats to the Barbarians, belatedly, for thier first Challenge Cup series win.  This is the most success any team has had in the Challenge Cup that wasn't really at the top of the Predator Cup Standings and is really a fantastic story (sorry Dan, but it is).  The other semi between the Ramapithicines and the Knights Templar will need to go the full three games.

With the trade frenzy over I will try and get caught up with week 24 stats ASAP and may even have them up before the week is over.  We will see - Sophia's Birthday this weekend.

Welcome back Sidney, we've missed you.


Red Five said...

Thanks for the efforts Doug. And I agree the barbarians are a great story. I am confused though. If you have found 2-3 extra points for my team, and I essentially tied the shadow in week 23 how did my lead go from 13 points down to nine?

Moriarty said...

good job doug - thx!

wildwolf said...

Interesting that there still is not a 100 point difference between 1st and last. This must also be a first this late in the season.

Douglas McLachlan said...

Dan the extra points that I was referring to were extra pts that I had to take away from you.